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That history is still raw in Japan, where nationalism and resentment of perceived American control often go hand-in-hand.Dezaki is an American, and his video seems to have hit on the belief among many nationalists that the Americans still condescend to, and ultimately seek to control, their country.

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By this Saturday, the netouyu had discovered the video.Though the video was based almost entirely on a lecture that they had once praised, they asked him to pull it down."Some Japanese guys found out which school I used to work at and now, I am being pressured to take down the 'Racism in Japan' video," Dezaki posted on Reddit. I don't want to take down the video because I don't believe I did anything wrong, and I don't believe in giving into bullies who try to censor every taboo topic in Japan. " He decided to keep the video online, but placed a message over the first few sentences that, in English and Japanese, announce his refusal to take it down.Some 2chan users, perhaps curious about how their country is perceived abroad, will occasionally translate Reddit's r/Japan posts into Japanese.When the "Racism in Japan" video made it onto 2chan, outraged users flocked to the comments section on You Tube to attempt to discredit the video.Being able to meet tons of hot gay guys online within just a couple of minutes is amazing.

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They attacked Dezaki as "anti-Japanese" and fumed at him for warping Japanese schoolchildren with "misinformation." Inevitably, at least one death threat appeared.

Though it was presumably idle, like most threats made anonymously over the Web, it rattled him.

After the video ended, he asked his students to raise their hands if they thought racism existed in Japan. They all thought of it as a uniquely American problem.

Gently, Dezaki showed his students that, yes, there is also racism in Japan.

They proliferated the information using a file-sharing service called Sky Drive, urging fellow netouyu to take their fight off the message boards and into Dezaki's personal life.