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Zack ashley real world dating

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stated in the rules that each partner was required to alternate breaking through floors; however, Zach broke through the first two floors.

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They even ended up in a shoving match with each other, and later a plant fight on Cutthroat.Still, the physical attraction between him and Nany was apparent.Adam put in a good amount of effort trying to win Nany over, but it never worked out and she resisted his advances, especially after he was booted from the show.When you factor in Cameran’s you and naive personality with the fact that Brad was just out of a long term relationship, you’re headed for disaster.Though this relationship didn’t work both Brad and Cameran have been able to date other people and even marry a Road Ruler!The pair are still together and share two children, in a rare reality show romance success story.

which saw quite a bit of drama thanks to the surprising twist thrown into the season.

Luckily for Robb, he was about to find a good match outside of The Real World…

Money Won: $500 Note: Zach and Trey finished the "Breaking on Through" Jungle before Leroy and Ty, but were disqualified for failing to alternate breaking through each floor.

Although their relationship got tested on the show, they left as a couple and were going strong for quite a while.

Production for the season began in August 2013, and didn’t air until January 2014 and the two were together until mid 2014, posting a lot of romantic social media pictures together.

Despite their failed relationship, they did make pretty good exes on Battle of the Exes.