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Youtube video view count not updating

In-stream ads or pre-rolls are typically intrusive and interrupt a viewer’s experience. A viewer must choose an ad to watch before they can get to their desired content.

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After a relatively short period of time, your views will proceed to greatness., but the most common response is that if someone makes a legitimate request for a video and sees the video and has a positive user experience, that’s a view.Some channels are also monetized so that the amount of views a channel or video gets is related to how much money that business owner or person makes.Because of this, views are incredibly important to a large number of people, and not just having views, but having verifiable and valid view counts.The viewer’s computer sends a request to the server where the video is cached (to You Tube, essentially), and the video is returned.When the video is returned, a little message is put into a log.Ultimately, these formats do not encourage interaction or social sharing, and can cause negative associations with your content.

This is why you need to invest in opt-in video advertisements.

In order to slow down the delay time between requesting the video and viewing it, videos are cached in different places.

In other words, your video might be cached in the UK, the United States, Africa and Australia, so that when someone in Ireland watches a video uploaded in California, they don’t have to wait for the video to be requested and transmitted to another country. So, for instance, let’s say your video is requested from central Europe.

These kinds of ads aren’t force fed to viewers—people actually have to initiate a video play.

When presented with opt-in video ads, viewers are more likely to watch the entire video as well as engage with the content via social shares and conversations. You’re not delivering your content to the right audience You may be under the impression that sharing your video across a few social media sites will earn you a ton of views. Once your friends have watched your video, it will get buried in their Twitter and Facebook feeds never to be seen again.

You’re not utilizing the best promotional format If you’ve already promoted your videos through another service like You Tube Trew View, you should understand the kind of placements you’re using.