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Xprofils chat

I am using New User Approve plugin to approve each users manually since we need to check information of each user before they get activated.

Xprofils chat-85

Please find the way to configure how the notification URLs are routed.It's come a long way and much better than it used to be!Every client has unique requests..thoughts vary from project to project.Like the new templates for the cover images, new layout & so on.Documentation is very helpful, even though it's mostly in the code. However, a documentation for each function like the one used for Word Press would speed up the whole process.:)I've tried developing them on my own, but now just work with a design team.

They can be very complicated in a hurry and best to get someone who knows more than I ;)I don't like stock themes, as I feel each network needs to have it's own identity.

If the old chat is down - many will migrate to the sex chat space system.

The site has pretty good sized membership base that appears to be growing fast.

I can see the Xprofile data fields but the fields shows like" Telephone No" " Designation" so on, I need to know whether I am supposed to replace xprofile keys like" Telephone No" or "telephone_no, .

I use the free Wangguard plugin on my Buddy Press/bb Press website.

It's great to be able to overwrite single template files, using theme-compat.