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This knowledge has allowed the company to form close working relationships with some of the world's most renowned architects such as Guido Canali, and create domestic appliances together that perfectly incorporate the Smeg philosophy – Technology with Style.

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She says sexting typically happens on apps and online.And we were talking about whether it is ok or not to date your ex’s best friend.Is it about following one’s heart or anyone who would date their friends ex boyfriend has some serious moral issues? Almost half of the 450 people it surveyed confessed to being "phubbed" by their partner, while 22% of those in relationships reported that phubbing was the primary cause of most of their arguments.Baylor University researcher James A Robert said the finds were "troubling".Yet at the same time fewer and fewer people are skilled in forming such a connection." Durban communication practitioner Cedric Mboyisa‚ known as the selfie king to social media followers‚ admits to being "sort of" guilty of being glued to Facebook on his phone.

He has a "phobia of being left out in terms of breaking news".

She has even joined me in always searching for [the] latest news online.

On the issue of Facebook‚ we've an arrangement that we have to have time for family‚" he said.

But he balances his love for Facebook and marriage.

"My wife Mmapula has come to understand that due to the nature of my job‚ I do spend lots of time on my phone and being online.

South African dating coach Bonita Grobbelaar said healthy boundaries should be set in relationships.