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See my Southampton 60s group pages ROD STEWART The official Rod (Smiler) Stewart fanclub site-read about Rod the Mod's wild 60s Southampton days!ZAC AND THE ZEROS Top rated 50s/60s showgroup based in Hampshire and covering all decades where required. Fantastic quizzing site- get free apps to find a local pub/club quiz night- or even advertise your own venue. Australian-based website, but with loads of tips from a 'golden' quizzer.

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DUNCAN WILLIAM Brilliant international professional magician and much more! Plus: THE MESH BAND The Mesh Band - top class professional function group on the wedding/corporate scene.Keywords=travel insurance&xargs=12KPjg1o FSr Zquh831Me KMQe KC1B1Ixd_w_8pv Gd Eo SIA9q Tg4Ed JGLv KWzrs9EL4yr APR7MKk&h Data=12KPjg1o1gns L_urbb Bc3LOef3yl0Mlp C898sb B-AIbt Yr9Adl Uu B9T5Px2013 2 04 MOVED 200 OK VIA-REDIRECT False 0 option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=14&limit=5&order=hits&dir=ASC&Itemid=7&limitstart=52013 2 05 MOVED 200 OK VIA-REDIRECT False 0 domain=uk&more=1&nst=1&search=Banking&qs=06o ENya4ZG1YS6v OLJwp Li Fdj G91ICh Ui Kqp1J9I1t DZvv ZWJt Ajfa ONDHH-TAl-j3Xb LLw Ig4EVf3EBHH5Hqw Yk Pm Vr9p-5c AIPA7NWNFy V2TSj8Kte5httyh SJ_6dgyk01-l UJobi Pu6Ne Orq01MDQ2RCX82Da3hge Nv9c X5-Wp Q3h LEx Gz WHcb XPm Fe CM25j Qm-cq6Tcuq YB9bvg Xy44_i PAAk Emh M2ld Tbn Ray HYah EW2k Rt4k FLRri Lyp Ggvw Zt R5kcxr M0MTr MHO4y Y8Im Hry Wh BDc Gj_t5Kfeyw4c1-s WMob OLCMEoi Z-l C2f HP2IB-YWm Ds07HP8SP4A.., YT0x O0w9Qm Fua2lu Zzt SPTc7Uz1k Iy0j V187az04O2g9ZDBh MWEw MWQ0ZDNm Y2Jj ZA..2013 2 05 OK 200 OK False 90 referer=addfav.php%3Fpid%3D240%26ref%3Ddisplayimage.php%253Falbum%253Dtopn%2526cat%253D0%2526pos%253D12013 2 05 GONE 903 CONNECTION-FAILED: hostname '' doesn't match either of '*', '*', '*', '*' None None 2 05 MISSING 404 Not Found None None domain=uk&more=1&nst=1&search=France Villa Rental&qs=06o ENya4ZG1YS6v OLJwp Li Fdj G91ICh Ui Kqp1J9I1t DZt9S7Bu Mlpu5Ur5b4ZSrem RSy DFM6x E9Nly HKg Oth48t Bj EEw XDbx WJlqripdj RDo1y N4S2ot2ad0rxmf Q6t QZz Ijz3CJv Ayp7sns5OSy VN9u U-4c6q Tc0d Kgf-CWZFoph Tw Pz PDt6DMQEM5S4UPHCy WKOzi CZ574HV7Vzs Mp AU2MQt T2OSx P57i BFavd2ZX5CJt D1nu N6mz Voe Yf WAerv Wa FFc Or E210xs3i35-_qia EPi6XJy BQCie ZMl V-c7e5u2mb E3, YT0x O0w9Rn Jhbm Nl IFZpb Gxh IFJlbn Rhb Dt SPTI0O1M9ZCMt I1df O2s9MTto PTBm ZGM4Nm Qy Yz Iy Zm I3OGI.2013 2 06 MISSING 404 Not Found None None BBC SOLENT Covering Hampshire - check out the amazing Alex Dyke Show! B M A The British Music Archive-rare 'lost' recordings by UK bands PHOTOION Top professional photographers-based Central London State of the art cosmetic dental practice in a leafy square near Birmingham city centre, headed by Dinesh Vegad - one of the UKs finest dentists specialising in 'dazzling smiles'. These are just a small selection of established offices through which I am often booked on a regular basis and can provide a wide range of entertainers if I am not free!CANNOCK RADIO Listen 'live' on the website DAILY ECHO Long established newspaper covering the South ST PAULS GALLERY Birmingham city centre gallery featuring classic album covers/signed limited prints and much more. Well worth a visit to chat to the owners and enjoy the classic images or maybe purchase one SIXTIES CITY Superb link page of many Sixties based websites SIXTYPLUSURFERS- THE online magazine for the over 60s, with lots of interesting articles to read and competitions to enter. They are based around the UK and provide local, national and international coverage with their own managed artistes as well as working in conjunction with other offices.They will be divided into sections and please contact me if you come across any problems such as broken links or redundant websites etc.

You can go straight to many of these websites by clicking on any images as well as by using the usual blue links on names and I will be adding more in the near future such as venues, music shops and associated entertainment links.

VALENTINO An amazing international entertainer - with a unique sound and worked with many of the 'real' stars around the world MIKE STENHOUSE Bristol based comedian, DJ, entertainments agency and much more Reserve Egghead team member 2008 THE HONEYCOMBS "Have I the Right" 1964 and many more 60s classics.

Links to 'Telstar the Movie" Joe Meek etc (see below) Plus featuring founder member Martin Murray REG CALVERTPLAYS Fascinating website commemorating Reg Calvert of 60s Pirate Radio fame and more ALAN CLAYSON Prolific author specialising in Pop and Rock music and own crazy background in the 60s scene!

Just go to SINGLES OVER 60S Popular UK dating site for the over 60's POMPEY POP Terrific photos/images of Portsmouth bands from the 40s/50s/60s via Mick Cooper/Dave Allen PLUS POMPEYPOP Linked website to above and much more MONSTER RAVING LOONY PARTY THE only political party that makes sense! MUSIC IN THE CITY October 2010- a celebration of Southampton music makers of all ages. If you are serious about booking acts then it is in your best interest to deal with an efficient set-up as opposed to taking a chance on booking direct with no back-up or recommendation - please mention my link when getting in touch.

Founded by the visionary Screaming Lord Sutch who never fiddled HIS expenses or 'flipped' homes. Click on images below MJE MANAGEMENT Long established (1976) Staffordshire company supplying a fantastic range of artistes and much more SCOTT JORDAN ENTERTAINMENTS Based in Kent and booking across the UK and beyond STEVE ALLEN ENTERTAINMENTS Peterborough office covering the country with superb range of entertainment N. based agency (Wirral) headed by an experienced professional entertainer JOHNNY MANS Herts based entertainment management and booker of top names/shows etc ENCORE MAGAZINE Great variety magazine for fans of showbusiness-published by top agent Johnny Mans.

links below for their websites: MUNGO JERRY "In the Summertime" and many more great hits - official website JEFF STEVENSON London based comedian, working the cruise ships and top circuits in the UK and overseas JIMMY KEYS Brit performer (comedy/keyboards) based in the USA. Works solo or with live band - amazing lookalike and soundalike BLONDIE Michelle Hendricks - Terrific tribute to Debby Harry and Blondie with a solo act or featuring full live band STEWART MASTERS West Country 'master' of comedy!