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He was especially butthurt over having to perform a concert at Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero rather than Chicago proper, so he won't be coming back to the city ever again.Why he's a complete idiot: Diplo's music sounds like Skrillex farting out the Harlem Shake. until last year's Stanley Cup playoffs when the Anaheim Ducks evangelist dispelled any good will among Chicagoans.

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The Bulls however have struggled at home of late losing four of six.That said, after doing a search for other versions, it seems that no one took much creative license with it.As far as I can tell, everyone did their best to imitate the recipe, rather than change it, which is a glowing tribute to how good the original must have been.She made these statements, out loud, while her husband is under a contract with the Chicago Bears through 2020 (which is most likely guaranteed to be not guaranteed). Why he hates Chicago: Hmmmm, a pizza-related blog post from our favorite literary cock-tease George R. In a recently unearthed letter she wrote in 1991, the diva complained that learning to play baseball at Wrigley Field was dirty work and that our yucky city was devoid of good-looking men.Why she's a complete idiot: Take it from the Detroit woman who pretends to be British, when it comes to hunky guys, Chicago ain’t where it’s at.That said, by that time, the recipe had become so famous across the city that hundreds of Chicago restaurants began putting Shrimp de Jonghe on their menus, where it remains today.

The recipe that I used as the base inspiration for my version was published by .

Ultimately Chicago went on to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup and Coach Bombay will always be a reckless jerk who thought it was a good idea to start a tank-ass like Goldberg in goal over the nimble Julie "The Cat" Gaffney.

The Atlanta Hawks are looking to snap out of their recent funk when they travel to Chicago for a matchup with the Bulls at the United Center.

It operated successfully until a Prohibition raid, which seized 30 cases of liquor, shut them down in 1923.

Even though the judge said they could reopen after a year, they didn't, and, the secret shrimp recipe (which coincidentally contained booze) was never shared.

All of them used jumbo shrimp as well as French-style breadcrumbs, some used more garlic than others, a few tea-totalers sadly skipped the sherry, and, thankfully, no one added Parmesan cheese.