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Who is tyson ritter dating

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This time, to me, the visual offering is so important.The last five years of learning my craft as an actor and really developing that side of being a visual artist in that way has made me realize how important that really is -- to put the eyes to the ears. This record is going to be about your eyes and the headphones.

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He has been best friends with bandmate Nick Wheeler ever since they met in high school. He had previously used Epiphone Flying V or Epiphone Explorer basses during the era of The All-American Rejects (album), until he started to favor a Fender Precision Bass and started using them more often in his songs.After Jesse Tabish quit the band, and with the additions of Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor, The All-American Rejects were picked up by Doghouse Records, and later Dream Works Records, and finally with the current major label of Interscope Records.The All-American Rejects have released four albums to date, and have sold over 10 million albums worldwide and 4 million singles.All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter has basically no musical knowledge — except for limited knowledge about musicals. The twenty-one-year-old owns four CDs, and he's seen more plays than concerts, but he somehow retains the ability to write some of the catchiest emo-pop on radio today. I'd run over to Nick's [AAR guitarist Nick Wheeler] and be like, '' Here's what I thought of when I was running.'' What's the dumbest thing you've seen a groupie do? And I saw Camp Freddy — Jerry Cantrell came out and played '' Man in the Box.'' I'm not a music snob at all. Something felt really nostalgic about “Close Your Eyes” for me, so I went with it.

Even lyrically, I’m proud of finding some sort of depth with that song that I don’t think I’ve grabbed on with previous Rejects tracks. This pairing, “Close Your Eyes” and “Sweat,” is a tasting.

'' I'm definitely trying to involve some culture with my disgustingness,'' says Ritter, who visited the Van Gogh museum instead of sampling the wares in a local coffee shop. These people have museums on every fuckin' corner! I'll never forget when I was riding in my dad's faded turquoise-blue Chevy pickup, coming back from the drag races, and my dad heard a song on the radio and said, '' This is the shit! People were like, '' Wow, Alpha Zeta Beta! At the very end, they're bummed that they acted the way they did, and it breaks my heart.

'' So he blares it and he was pumpin' a fist in the air, and it was Alice in Chains' '' Rooster.'' So that was a highlight. '' I was like, '' You've got to be shitting me! What's your favorite dirty little secret in the video? Like '' I only love two of my three children.'' That one's so screwed up! You're credited for playing theremin on your song '' Stab My Back.'' How'd that happen?

After the two tracks, you’re releasing a new album hopefully sometime in the fall. This is the sauvignon blanc and this is the cabernet.

It’s not going to be the same Rejects record because it never is, if you’ve listened to one of our records.

AAR's first single — '' Dirty Little Secrets,'' from their second album, — caught fire, abetted by a fantastic video that toggles between shots of the chiseled singer and postcards in which people share their dirtiest little secrets, like '' I pee in the sink.'' Their latest hit, '' Move Along,'' is another MTV staple, perfectly timed to their upcoming arena tour with Fall Out Boy, which kicks off on March 15th in Albany, New York. We all got the same tattoo, on our right breast-icle. The dumbest thing is when fans get so nervous that they treat you like shit. I'll be like, '' Did ya enjoy the show? And my second one — I listened outside because I didn't have tickets — was Third Eye Blind.