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Who is the lead singer of afi dating

And then also the golden ring as in the halo's and such and how if we are "filthy" we may not enter heaven.

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argh.i dont think the song revolves around god but it might have a little relation in some verses but i still think its about abortion. And anyway all he asks of Miss Murder is that she leaves their beauty behind. And before you get all mad i just want to state why. and yes panic at the disco picks names that have to relation to their songs but still i mean. next i would just like to note that Im sorry for having the wrong lyrics but after "your ray of light will fizzle out Without hope" it is (according to chris) "We're the empty set, just flowing through, wrapped in skin Ever searching for what we were promised Reaching for that golden ring" i think this comment would be somewhat of a reference to a child being our future like were the empty set just flowing through, WRAPPED IN SKIN, is the big line to rember, and so he is comparing a child to every listener to, as chris already stated, reach an emotional level with the listeners.My friend hates this song with a passion, and it was my ringtone on my phone for when my brother called. "I would gladly bet my life upon it that the ghost you love, Your ray of light will fizzle out without hope." I think that's saying that the person that it is talking about memory will die, too; like Chris said, no one can be immortalized.jus to annoy the hell out of my friend, my brother kept calling me. and the rest of the day, that song played in my head. OK I'm not sure about this one but, I'm pretty sure irs about someone whos significant other left them behind,so they felt as if life wasn't worth it with all the pain,so they ask Miss Murder to come and kill them so they wouldn't have to endure any more pain. It's still sort of a mystery to me, although I have a few favourites [Kurt Cobain; Chris's theory that it's about Davey; James Dean] but then again, I like how cryptic it is.just a few things i noticed anyways, could be totally wrong. but the refferences are of a man; miss murder is who he pleads with to preserve what he hold dear, "beauty" in whatever context he means...the song could mean so many things, could be about any one person of power. wether miss murder is the grim reaper, a real person or even just "murder"/ suicide itself.I had convinced myself it was about the suicide of someone very close to him like a father or brother.

In fact I was so convinced the only reason I looked up the meaning was to see exactly who it was that killed himself.

and my favorite the golden ring (harry potter) who would let them lay their dirty hands upon it Instead of looking at the song as God's point of view think of it as Jesus's. "With just a look they shook, And heavens bowed before him.

Simply a look can break your heart." Christians were devastated when they found out that Jesus had to die and it was just as devastating to see.

"The stars that pierce the sky, he left them all behind.

We're left to wonder why he left us all behind." "The stars that mystified he left them all behind, and how his children cry, he left us all behind." Jesus died and rose to the heavens leaving his children behind.

You think it has some great important meaning when really it has no meaning at all. This is the first AFI song I believe I've listened to, so I don't have the AFI background that some people here probably do. "Miss Murder" is, I think, just a clever name for the reaper, as Chris said. Chris, it's a good theory, but the changing of pov would be a bit weird. I do think it's about a musician because of the "empty set" line.