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Who is gabriel aubry dating 2016

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I honestly think Gabriel should release some of these messages he has from Halle, and tell his side of the story, but he won't, he said he's going to save them for family court, which will be a private, press-free environment. He was a pretty bitch Halle thought she could control because she had so much more $ than him and it blew up in her face. HALLE IS A BLACK WOMAN, YES HER MOTHER IS WHITE HOWEVER HER FATHER IS BLACK AND ACCORDING TO JIM CROW "AMERICAS LAW" SHE'S BLACK AND HALLE EVEN SAID SHE WAS BLACK!

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( reports that Halle sent Gabe a nasty email saying he was only good for one thing...a sperm donation.GEESH THEY RELATIONSHIPS BREAK-UPS ARE GETTING UGLY! I don't think either of these people are fit to be parents to this child.They are too self-centered , disgusting, and vicious. I know, I'm not the only one who saw Halle slobbering Jamie Foxx and grabbing his crotch at the awards, WHILE STILL apparently involved with Gabe.But in reality, she's no better than any of the others u listed.At least, they try to sell off to the paps to keep their privacy, whiles Ms Berry sells off to the paps to win favors to control her image?? they are having problem and whatever we write here, they will do what they gonna do...We can just pray that the decision should go in favor of that little girl...

How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You I'm sorry, but we are all racist.

Halle's timing in these 'revelations' speaks volumes.

It's amazing how she's only now chosen to come forward about all this 'abuse' and Gabriel's 'bad parenting', basically after he went to court to legally establish his parental rights. WHY WOULD HALLE HAVE A BABY WITH THIS MAN UNLESS SHE DIDNT KNOW HE REALLY DIDNT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE.

men have trouble being the less successful less popular person in the relationship.

Halle is always going to have men who are jealous of her.

This chick has issues and need to go to counseling. i don't know why folks expect things to be civil in a custody battle just because they're celebrities.