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Who is don cornelius dating

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Los Angeles police investigators reported to the coroner that Cornelius died from a "self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head." "Soul Train" began in 1970 in Chicago and aired in syndication from 1971 to March 2006.Spotlighting African-American musicians prominently, it brought the best R&B, soul and later hip-hop acts to TV.

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I immediately snatched back to Saturdays in the seventies when my feet were groovin and my face was glued to my family’s black and white TV.On the first day of Black History month I glanced at my cell phone and saw an email that tugged my heart and snatched me back in time. There were so many people turning to twitter that #Soul Train, #Don Cornelius and #Peace Love Soul immediately started trending and for a moment twitter was having the kind of technical difficulties you see on days of the World Cup Finals or the Golden Globes.The ladies of my dinner group were circulating the news that was just hitting the wires: …Ladies – Assuming you don’t already know this. It was a sad way to commence Black History month but as one person pointed out on Twitter it was also fitting that the man who had so many of us dancing at the same time in our living rooms, had so many of us engaged in an online conversation.So, I’m posting my Tweets and responses from February 1st.Consider it my roll down the middle of that social media Soul Train line…one hand in the air…hand on the keyboard…..tapping out 140 characters at a time.Popular features on the show included the "Soul Train Line," where individual dancers showed off their moves between two lines of people, and the "Soul Train Scramble Board," where dancers unscrambled letters that spelled the name of that night's performer or a prominent African-American.

"Soul Train" began each episode by welcoming viewers to "the hippest trip in America" and closed by wishing them "love, peace and soul." Singer Aretha Franklin called his death "so sad, stunning and downright shocking." "Don Cornelius single-handedly brought about a melding and unity of brother and sisterhood among young adults worldwide and globally with the unforgettable creation of 'Soul Train,'" Franklin said.

Outside of in particular black American culture, Cornelius’ name may not be too familiar, but his legacy certainly is, and on an international level; particularly since the fruits of so much of his labour began to appear prolifically on Youtube in the last few years.

Cornelius is the man who invented, produced and presented (up until 1993) Soul Train - the longest running syndicated show in American TV history - and as such made Cornelius as influential and important black American entertainment entrepreneur as Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones and Oprah Winfrey.

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