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So Pansy’s grumble didn’t strike Draco as a flippant comment. A project.“Pans, I fucking will.”Pansy opened one eye, her cheek still on her hand. ”“I will design a magical dating service that surpasses this Muggle abomination.”Pansy’s eyes snapped open. Draco was the primary caregiver for Scorpius, so his research on compatibility and matchmaking didn’t progress as quickly as it otherwise would have. ” and Draco would reach an arm over the edge of the bed and pull Scorpius into a cuddle against his chest. I thought they’d stop with the whole traveling in packs and whispering and giggling stuff once we reached adulthood. “Seriously though, Harry,” Ron said, turning to face his friend. “I’m asking you,” Pansy said, with precision, “how Potter’s matching is progressing. Apparently she was a bit invasive about his history.”Pansy laughed. You don’t understand, because you don’t have kids.”Pansy’s face flashed with annoyance. Potter turns and looks at him with stars in his eyes. He sighed, picked up his wand, and cast a mild Calming Charm at himself. But Pansy always forgot the extent of the wizarding world’s grudge against Draco. ”“Yeah, I’ll come right through,” and a moment later Harry Potter stood in Draco’s living room.“Hi,” Harry said. Even though Draco knew the kids were with their mother this week, Harry still had a look that suggested he might have jam in his hair. It didn’t strike him as a reason to accept the inferior Muggle matchmaking service. Draco would wake up at in the morning to a small blond head peering over the side of his bed. Draco would press his nose into the fine blond hair and hope to get a few more minutes of sleep. Did you match him again after he rejected the swotty old man? Pansy looked like she was trying to conceal a smile. “Oh, Salazar.”Draco didn’t respond, his hands clasped on his lap.“And now you’ve invited him over to your place for a drink after the sprogs are asleep? “Yes, I couldn’t possibly understand,” she sneered. He jumped a bit as he felt the Charm dissolve the excess cortisol in his system. She was so sure that Potter would be interested in Draco, but he knew better. Harry looked like he hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in…in years, really. Draco’s eyes dropped to Harry’s grey trousers, which fit beautifully and threatened to distract Draco, dammit, then snapped his eyes back to Harry’s face. Damn it all, he thought, he couldn’t manage two seconds with Harry without forgetting his determination to be friends-and-no-more.“Er, how’s Scorpius? He looked so awkward, standing there in front of the Floo, unsure what to do with his arms.

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“Maybe you could get a job that would let you work half time,” Hermione kept saying. Open the red one.”The three friends laughed and chatted as they opened their gifts. “Harry,” she said, “I know you wouldn’t do it on your own, but you seem so lonely lately! Turns out my life is public property.”Draco chuckled. Draco would play music, make stars dance on the ceiling with his wand, rub Scorpius’s back, read stories, fetch stuffed animals, Charm the room dark, Charm the room light again when it was “too dark! We don’t want to alienate potential clients, even if a quick fuck is a complete waste of my brilliant compatibility charms.”“Who are you to decide what’s a waste? “Orgasms are never a waste.”“For the love of Circe, stop talking about orgasms. “I like it, but are you sure you want to go with connotations of literal fire? But sure, come through.”Ginny’s face disappeared, then the Floo roared and she stepped out. She basically acted like a nosy fan the entire time.”Ginny grimaced. ” Harry asked, eager to change the subject.“They’re good. His kid’s Albus’s age, you know.”“Yeah—” Ginny said, but just then Hermione jumped to her feet.“Ginny, can you help me with something in the kitchen? ”, wait until Scorpius’s breathing became deep and regular, and then cast Silencing Charms to sneak out of the room. I can’t think of a name if you’re talking about quick fucks.”“How about the Latin word for ‘fuck’? ”Draco turned to her and with a strange sort of sad smile, replied, “To love is to burn.” December 2010 The following Christmas Eve, Harry Potter sat in the Granger-Weasleys’ living room. “I set a Vigilia Infans, so we’ll know if any of them wake up,” she said, reaching up to wrap one arm around Harry’s shoulders. “We’re in the other room.”They joined Ron and Hermione; Ginny flopped down on the sofa next to Ron. James wouldn’t stop talking about Fantasy Quidditch and how he’s going to play against ‘Mr Malfoy.’” Ginny pronounced “Mr Malfoy” as if it was extremely funny. Beer is proletarian swill.”“Okay.” Pansy clicked again. ”“Salazar and Merlin,” Pansy murmured, “you are impossible.”“I told you I wasn’t going to cooperate with this,” Draco said with a smirk, turning in his chair. “And I told you that I’m tired of listening to you whinge and complain,” Pansy snapped. Better yet, you need a long-term partner who can absorb some of your nonsense so it doesn’t all get thrown at me.”Draco arched an eyebrow. Draco spelled open the DVD player and Levitated the disc in. July 2011 Teddy looked up from his parchment at Harry’s kitchen table. He had arranged with Headmistress Mc Gonagall to work on a History of Magic project about the war over the summer term. He remembered a pointy blond child saying, “Didn’t mummy ever tell you it is rude to eavesdrop? He set the knife carefully in the sink before he summoned all of his Gryffindorish nerve and stumbled through an accurate, thorough, yet utterly clumsy answer. “That has nothing to do with anything.”“Just answer the question,” Pansy said in a faux sweet, sing-song voice.“No—of course I do not. I’m supposed to say whether I would accept a man who likes beer? ”“Yes, or if you would accept any beer proclivities.”“What do I care if he likes beer? Draco’s hand shot out and caught the case.“Poor throw, Potter,” Draco said with a quirk of his lips.“Just testing how rusty your Seeker skills are, Malfoy.” Harry sat down on the sofa. “I dunno.”The Universal logo flashed on the screen; Draco waved his wand and the lights dimmed. ”Teddy had just finished his first year at Hogwarts. Merlin fuck.“Well, er, there’s no one way,” Harry began. You think fucking a Muggle is going to solve my problems.”Pansy threw both hands into the air. I’d volunteer myself, take one for the team and all, but I know how you feel about tits and fanny.”Draco ignored her. I just needed to rant about it a bit, and you already helped with that.”The two women returned shortly, Levitating a tray of tea. He could feel cold anger coursing through his veins, overcoming the effects of the minutes-old Calming Charm, as if Harry’s words were a potion he’d been forced to drink. I’m half convinced there are wizards behind the whole operation. Haven’t spent much time reading about Muggle rockets.”“You should,” Draco said with a grin. “You’re on.”After a moment, Draco angled his whole torso towards Harry. And they were both more than happy to oblige.“I don’t know much,” Harry admitted. He seemed much older than his thirteen years sometimes. It was hard to reconcile with the Draco he knew now—still a prat, sure, but not like that.

“And you think that a Muggle dating service is the answer. ”Harry laughed, tension seeping out of his shoulders. My kids are more into magical creatures and Quidditch. ”“No,” Draco answered, sipping his whiskey.“Have you ever seen a movie? The wood cabinet that faced the sofa opened to reveal a large flat-screen television. Scorpius and I love Mary Poppins.”Harry stared at Draco for a moment, then shook his head, laughing. He sat next to Harry, close enough so their knees were touching. “One of the actors in this is a wizard,” Harry said conspiratorially. “Ten galleons I guess within five seconds of their first appearance.”A wide smile overtook Harry’s face. Mc Gonagall and Harry both knew that Teddy just wanted a connection to his parents and an excuse to ask Harry questions. “So are the other kids understanding about your parents? ”Teddy’s eyes rose from the parchment; his face grimaced. Oh yeah—she was dead before you could wipe the drool off your chin.” Merlin, but Draco had been an arse. Teddy stared at him, wide-eyed, his hair slowly turning to brown over the course of the lecture.“So,” Harry said finally, “any questions?

“You really are impossible to be around when you’re boastful. They had cast a Silencing Charm at the tent, and were reveling in the feeling of holiday cheer, eggnog, and the pride of having gotten five children to sleep in a tent.“You going to be alright tomorrow, mate? “She didn’t really ask that last one, but the others! The guy from the first date probably would’ve taken down data about my sexual performance and then compared me to the population at large when we were through.”Hermione laughed, covering her face with her hand. Harry hopped up and ran out of the room and around the corner to the Floo.

Remember when I didn’t talk to you for three weeks after you brewed the Draught of Living Death in third year? “The three most peaceful weeks of my Hogwarts career.”Pansy flicked her wand at Draco, sending a hex that Draco deflected with a quick Protego. “Of course you ask the one question to which I don’t know the answer. ” Ron asked, Levitating the pitcher of eggnog to refill Harry’s mug. Seriously, what is up with this matchmaking service? They claim 95% of people keep dating the first person they match with! “I’m sorry, Harry.”“It’s okay,” Harry said with a smile. I’ll give it another try, at least for one more date.

“You’re part of the family no matter what.”Harry smiled at his two oldest friends. He loves his work so much, I don’t think he can wrap his head around the idea of anyone quitting anything.”Harry had quit the Auror force when he and Ginny split. I didn’t wear any Glamours or anything, just so you know. ”“Hold on,” Ron said, casting a spell at the chess set to let Charlie know he was taking a break. “What was it like to compete in the Triwizard Tournament?

He didn’t love being an Auror as much as he thought he would, and he loved his kids ten times more than he had ever thought possible. He threw himself into parenting with all of his characteristic love and energy, as if his very enthusiasm could guarantee his children a childhood exactly unlike his own. ” Hermione said, hopping up to retrieve a small stack of gifts from under the tree, which shone with twinkling fairy lights, candles, and icicles.

He would eventually relent and get Scorpius dressed and down to the Manor’s dining room, where the house-elves would serve breakfast. ”“I’ll have you know,” Draco said, “that many people enjoy older men.”Pansy didn’t deign to answer that, only raised an eyebrow.“Yes,” Draco sighed, “he went on another date, with a woman, earlier this week.”“And did you hand-choose her, or did you trust your actual, proven Charms? Draco’s eyes widened as the full implications of what he’d said set in. Draco was Slytherin to the core and expert at self-protection. “He’s good,” Draco said, indicating the sofa in an attempt to relieve the tension, and Harry took a seat.