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Who is clint brown dating

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Some of the credit-card charges were paid for by the church, which is reviewing the bills...And Brown's 38-year-old wife, Angela, filed for divorce last year in Seminole County.

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The nationally known recording artist soon trades the piano for a lectern.From there, the pastor urges members to give "sacrificially" so that their "blessings increase," bringing them more money, job promotions, and new houses and cars.For anyone who needs reminding, videotapes of the service are $15 in the church lobby...In 2002, a lucrative year for Clint Brown's music career, he and his family charged $242,256 on two American Express cards alone.The following year, they rang up $215,701 on the same cards.The divorce fillings indicate this couple, admired for their family values, had a relationship that was irretrievably broken.

Records show they lived a lavish lifestyle, largely financed by the members of their church...

The suit by Heritage Christian Center is the latest in a series of legal troubles for Brown, who leads the 6,000-member Faith World church west of Maitland. The 41-year-old preacher and recording artist also is embroiled in a bitter divorce case and already has been sued by a former church member who says he reneged on a verbal loan agreement with her.

Heritage and its pastor, Dennis Leonard, say in their suit that Brown appealed to the Denver church for help several years ago when Faith World needed money for a new building.

His attorney says much of that came from the church.

Maybe most interesting in the divorce file is the couple's American Express bills.

There are plenty of lavish shopping trips, spending thousands at Burberry's, Neiman Marcus and Gucci.