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Who is adam lamberg dating

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We all remember Gordo as being the one who so badly wanted Lizzie's heart, but was pushed to the friend-zone and never really managed to get out.

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Aside from having the pleasure of working with Steven Speilberg on 2001's A. Artificial Intelligence, Matt has also appeared in one-episode roles on a huge number of top TV series, including the likes of CSI: Miami, House, ER, NCIS and more.He is now the development officer at the Irish Arts Center in New York City and is currently completing a master’s degree in Public Administration.Looks like his common sense is definitely still making up for his lack of slow curve.) and, of course, has been busy with her adorable son Luca.Adam left the acting industry after his role as Gordo, and majored in geography at the University of California, Berkeley.After the show, Ashlie went to school for political science and then moved to Colorado to get her certificate in law school.

She is now happily married and a mother to a beautiful little girl.

Though he made appearances in a few films in the noughties, Adam went on to study at UC Berkley, graduating with a degree in geography and eventually going on to gain an MPA degree from New York City's Baruch College.

The now 31-year-old Adam has kept largely under-the-radar in his post-Lizzie life, having only appeared in 2005's When Do We Eat?

Though she had been playing smaller roles on TV films, shows and commercials, Lizzie was Hilary Duff's breakout role.

Just 13 when it began, Hilary mastered the quirky girl-next-door persona to a tee, and was helped along by her voicework of her own animated alter ego.

Actor Adam Lamberg, who famously played Gordo on the popular Disney show, has managed to stay out of the spotlight since his days on "Lizzie Mc Guire." Lamberg graduated from UC Berkeley and now lives in NYC.