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What race car driver is danica patrick dating

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"I’m sure I would want to know how that all went down after the race too.

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We can't keep up with Danica Patrick and her amazing career achievements. News' Will Marfuggi ahead of her 35th birthday Saturday about her top three career accomplishments, which include the first time she qualified for the Daytona 500.“That,” Stenhouse says, “was a quiet ride home.” “Danica” debuts at 8 p.m.Wednesday on the EPIX network, a premium cable television network.But he chalked the whole incident up to an honest mistake and his demeanor after the race was calm and understanding. It is the first crash we have had in a long time so we are pretty lucky that we have been making it to the end of these races.“I haven’t seen a replay of what happened but (crew chief) Scott (Graves) said the 10 (Patrick) might have got into me, or the 93 (Kvapil) or somebody. “It’s not the first time you get crashed on accident. It is kind of what has kept us where we are in points.And he’ll have plenty of time for the opportunity since the series heads into a rare off-week.

The couple had plans to attend the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles this week and later Patrick was to be in a wedding in Indianapolis, where the series will next race, July 28.

We didn’t have a good car anyway today.” It’s not the first time Stenhouse and Patrick have collided on-track either and both have always candidly said it’s to be expected because of the nature of the sport.

Patrick joked that it was a quiet ride home after their run-in at Charlotte, but that they were sharing a beer by the end of the night -- essentially chalking it up to a racing inevitability.

“I didn’t have good brakes and I was complaining about it all race.

I don’t know if anyone else was having problems with it.

– were involved together in a high profile incident.