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LPR Printing features include Print Destination Balancing, New LPR User Interface, Round Robin Printing, Broadcast Printing, Failover Printing, Archiving and Reprint Capabilities, Drag & Drop printer-ready files, LPR Command line interface, ...

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Application, Audit, Dump, Event, Eventlog, Eventlog Monitoring, Print, Ras, Reporting Tool, Security, Service, Shareware, System, System Administration, User, Windows 2000 Security, Windows Nt Security Smart Autodialer for automatic phone notification to broadcast voice messages Smart autodialer software for automatic telephone notifications.Gives Telnet users full access to Windows NT command line.Accepts any telnet connection from any client (Unix, NT, 2000, 95, 98, Me, etc.) right out of the box. Broadcast, Home Videos, Media Center, Romance, Sharing Videos, Streaming Movies, Streaming Music, Streaming Video, Video Broadcasting, Video Chat, Video Conference, Video Dj, Video Friends, Video Love, Video Messenger, Webcam Chat, Webcam Video webcam XP offers unique features and unequaled ease of use to let you broadcast / manage your video sources or secure your company with up to 100 video sources per computer.In these days use of mobile devices and mobile internet is increasing and that is why html size is so important for a web site, we made a test and see that's home page is 16kb which is really good for mobile users. According to our researches we see doesn't get any visitor from search engines but we think there is something missing on our researches.This site doesn't have any keyword and we think they should put at least a few keywords.Send an email to one recipient or thousands, or even millions.

When you Broadcast a batch of email, you will not have CC or advertising headers added to your message. 32bit Email Broadcaster, Bulk Emailer, Bulk Mailer, Bulkemailer, Bulkmailer, E-mail, E-mail Software, Email Programs, Email Software, Mail, Mail Software, Mass Emailer, Mass Mailer, News Letters, Newsletters, Windows 95 98 Nt 2000 2003 Xp Protector Plus anti-virus software for Windows NT/2000/XP.

Maintain subscribal mailing lists and broadcast personalized e-mail messages with easy and fast Rich mailer.

This mass mailer is handy for various Internet professionals and ...

Complette COM interface to Windows NT/2000/XP local or domain account database Complette COM interface to Windows NT/2000/XP local or domain account database.

Contains simple powefull objects for creating, deleting, managing and enumerating user accounts, ...

Log Watcher is an advanced utility designed to search through Windows NT event logs to find certain keys that you define, and to execute special tasks when it finds them. Allows you to inspect a state different services of Windows NT/2000 from batch files and To react to the arisen problems by any friend for you by a way.