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Elinet tutors are prepared to teach a full range of communicative skills to help your company succeed in a globalized economy.

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The current trend is to study online with a personal private tutor from the comfort of your home or office.Our courses were developed in a way to maximize the interaction between student and teacher during the training sessions.It’s convenient, pleasant and efficient, as adapted to the profile of the student.After your payment has been processed, you will be contacted by your Elinet tutor, and together you can schedule mutually convenient times for your lessons.Elinet offers English and French language training packages for corporations, small and medium-sized businesses for managing their employees’ language training needs.You wouldn’t expect your mechanic to fix your car with a spanner from Poundland, would you? Go for it and make the best of what you have now to see if it’s right for you before investing big time.

As your business grows, so will your list of equipment you use to run it.

Our tutors would do the needs assessment and deliver a package of specialized video conference-based lessons using materials specifically aimed at improving English / French skills of your employees, with an emphasis on communicative competence and their writing skills.

Act now to stay ahead of competition: invest in your employees with highly qualified Elinet tutors.

The mastery of foreign languages is becoming increasingly important for success in the global economy.

English and French have long been established as the languages for international business and global communication.

Others are prepared to design a customized curriculum based on your individual requests.