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Webcam finder conway arkansas

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Mayflower’s City Center project received a big boost when Exxon Mobil gave $500,000 in grant monies to the City.Mayor Randy Holland said that over $420,000 will be marked for the development of the Community Center, and $80,000 will be used for a Nature Pavilion on Lake Conway.

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From September 7th through Veterans Day, partner with The Home Depot Foundation to improve the homes and lives of veterans in your local community. Here at The Home Depot, we're committed to helping you save, and our coupons reflect that.When the holiday’s over, you can use your deep fry cooker to boil corn and lobsters, or if it has a basket, steam clams, shrimp and other shellfish.Stop by soon -- our stores will be closed Thanksgiving Day!Either the employee is aware and helpful, or you get a shrug and the employee walks off.But Conway store has consistently friendly and helpful employees who don't have to just send you to ask someone else where a product is.Finally found 3 employees nearby who were amazingly disinterested in my problem (locating hardware for items purchased.

The woman tried to look it up for me, I finally ask her to let me use the computer, where I looked it up and found it buried behind other stuff at the end of the aisle using bin nr. No help for the boxes so I wrestled them into cart and made it out the door. When I got to the store I went to the garden section and was greeted. When I went up to check out there she was sweeping the area, she stopped and asked if I found everything and then checked me out.

I have learned that I need to know exactly where a given product is located because in-store help is virtually non-existent on most visits.

Most product is comparable to Lowe's and prices are close enough, but customer service is very difficult to find.

In addition to providing you the best home improvement goods and services, our store also proudly supports the University Of Central Arkansas, Hendrix College and the City of Conway.

We are excited to serve the Faulkner county community and surrounding areas, and we look forward to seeing you in our store.

I am constantly amazed that this store remains in business.