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Restoration efforts (much of it performed by volunteer veterans) were undertaken immediately after the defacement, but local officials described the damage as extensive, and in the interim the wall was covered as a gesture of respect to the fallen.This is not a photograph of a group of Vietnam veterans, underappreciated or otherwise.

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The memorial is painted on the side of a Metro building.The goal is to reduce the amount of ready money changing hands.The government says it wants to cut the total number of cash transactions nationwide to just 10 percent by the year 2020.The effort is part of a campaign aimed at making it easier for Vietnamese citizens to use banking services.The campaign calls for greatly increasing the number of electronic transactions for many goods and services.In an effort to cut down on cash payments, banks are using creative methods to reach people who live far from bank offices.

For example, Vietin Bank sends employees on motorbikes to areas outside the city to help its customers do banking.

It includes a goal of having up to 70 percent of utility payments made electronically. Many people now make water and power payments electronically at small stores, especially around cities.

In the past, people had to either pay in cash at the local post office or wait for a collector to come.

While such tools, sometimes called “e-wallets,” are now widely available, many people have been unwilling to use them.

Experts say the main reason for this is a fear that personal banking information and money can be stolen.

On 6 June 2016, a Facebook user posted the following image and comment: The image was subsequently circulated widely across Facebook, with the descriptor “Vietnam Wall” leading many viewers to believe that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. Painted by a Vietnam veteran and dedicated in 1992, it declares, “You are not forgotten.” The wall has been tagged previously but the latest vandalism covers the bottom half of the memorial for much of its length.