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These findings should be useful to other cities considering supervised injecting facilities and to governments considering regulating their use. Kerr 2007 Factors Associated with Public Injecting Among Users of Vancouver's Supervised Injection Facility. AIDS Care In Site provides a variety of integrated health care services This study examined the factors associated with receiving care for cutnaeous injection-related infections among In Site users.

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Wood E, Tyndall MW, Li K, Lloyd-Smith E, Small W, et al. Do Supervised Injecting Facilities Attract Higher-Risk Injection Drug Users? Insite Shown To Be Effective But Still Under Siege By Federal Government Despite medical research that indicates Vancouver's supervised injection facility, Insite, reduces needle-sharing and overdose deaths, the facility's fate is uncertain Dooling K., Rachlis M. Vancouver's supervised injection facility challenges Canada's drug laws Canadian Medical Association Journal. Wood E, Kerr T, Buchner C, Marsh D, Montaner JS, Tyndall MW. Methodology for Evaluating In Site: Canada's First Medically Supervised Safer Injection Facility for Injection Drug Users. Kerr 2008 Drug and Alcohol Dependence Demand for In Site access too high for just one facility to meet This study considers why some injection drug users resist using In Site, and continue to inject publicly. Supervised Injection Facilities Can Help People Quit Drugs A study has found that supervised injection facilities such as Vancouver's In Site connect clients with addiction treatment, which in turn resulted in greater likelihood of stopping injection drug use for at least six months. Harm Reduction Journal 1:1-5 Rationale for Evaluation Outlines the rationale for evaluating In Site and reasons that if the In Site study is able to show public-health and/or community benefits it may provide a public-health model with the potential to address many of these drug-related harms that plague many North American cities. It has been found that injection drug users prefer In Site but are deterred by long wait times an limited operating hours. Kerr 2009 An integrated supervised injecting program within a care facility for HIV-positive individuals: a qualitative evaluation. The findings suggest that In Site is not having an adverse effect on efforts to seek employment. This study explores the rate of employment among In Site users. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 6-30 Service Uptake Reports that Wood E, Tyndall MW, Qui Z, Zhang R, Montaner JS, Kerr T. Service Uptake and Characteristics of Injection Drug Users Utilizing North America's First Medically Supervised Safer Injection Facility. Wood 2008 Non-fatal overdose among a cohort of active injection drug users recruited from a supervised injection facility American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse In Site does not promote drug use Responding to concerns that In Site promotes initiation into injection drug use, this study found that In Site users have been injecting for an average of 16 years, and that only 1 participant reported having first injected at the site.

American Journal of Public Health 0-3 Syringe Sharing Factors Reports that the use of In Site by injection drug users is associated with reduced syringe sharing. The report concludes that the benefits of In Site have not been offset by a rise in drug use.

Annals of Epidemiology In Site does not impede employment opportunities for injection drug users Critics of In Site argue that the program impedes drugs users ability to obtain meaningful employment and reintegrate into mainstream society.

Kerr 2009 Determinants of Cutaneous Injection-Related Infection Care at a Supervised Injecting Facility.

Journal of Public Health SIS Evaluation Review In many cities, infectious disease and overdose epidemics are occurring among illicit injection drug users. Summary of findings from the evaluation of a pilot medically supervised safer injecting facility. Wainberg, Mc Gill University AIDS Centre, Jewish General Hospital, 2006 Canadian Medical Association Journal Drug Users' Perceptions Regarding In Site This study was undertaken to explore injection drug users' experiences and opinions regarding North America's first SIF in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver's safer injecting facility has been associated with an array of community and public health benefits without evidence of adverse impacts. Canadian Medical Association Journal Commentary: The need to promote public health in the field of illicit drug use.

This study suggests that In Site is effective in supporting safer sex practices and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. This study highlights the ways in which In Site can be further developed to respond effectively with high quality and relevant services that meet the needs of an evolving community.