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Validating checkboxes with php

If your property is not found immediately, we will update you periodically for the duration of our 30-day search. Although we are conducting an exhaustive search and will hopefully find your item, you should immediately deactivate any associated data plans for your own protection.We recommend that you leave call service activated on phones for a period of one week to help facilitate our search and verification.

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In the meantime, please continue to update your registration form with whatever additional information you may recall about your lost item.You will receive an email from DIA Lost-and-Found as soon as you file your claim form to let you know it has been received and your search is activated.If we find an item that matches the description of your lost item, we will call or send you e-mail notification as soon as possible with further instructions for validating that the item is yours.Not all fields are technically required, but the more fields you fill out, with as much detail as possible, the better.If you think you may have omitted important information, or made a mistake, it is critical that you go back into your profile and correct it as soon as you can.Also, take care to select the right category to which your lost item belongs.

If your item is damaged, describe the imperfection in as much detail as possible.

So, for example, if you have lost a navy blue item, but you think someone who finds it may describe it as black, when you describe the color on your lost item form indicate that "the item is navy blue but may look black".

If you have lost reading glasses and you know someone might describe them as readers, you might want to indicate that you have lost your "reading glasses or readers".

If you prefer to have your item shipped, we will provide acceptable options for shipping to your location.

All items received are kept for a minimum of two weeks at the airport's lost and found. Department of State, Passport Services, and Consular Lost/Stolen Passport Section.

In order to ensure it will be received, we suggest that you cut and paste our email address (above) into your address book.