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"I'm grateful to everyone who called and wrote and put me in their prayers." CARLA HOWELL'S INTERVIEWS AND EVENTS October 30. Carla Howell spoke about her Libertarian campaign for Governor to the American Politics class of Professor Tracey La Fauci at UMass-Lowell. From Noon until pm, Carla Howell and a number of supporters surveyed the celebrants at Salem's historic Halloween gathering. Shipping Bumper Stickers and Fliers to people in Massachusetts. "Here are three examples:" * The Social Security program, which cheats African-American families out of a secure retirement. found that because African-Americans have shorter life expectancies on average than whites, Social Security ends up transferring up to $10,000 per person from blacks to whites," Thomas said.

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The last 6 days to shock the Massachusetts Political Establishment. Whether you donate $100 or $85 or $65 to help us End the Income Tax in Massachusetts - your donation funds our Banners, Signs, Bumper Stickers, and Fliers. Please go to our secure server and make the largest donation you can by Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover right now:, if you'd prefer, please immediately mail your donation to: The Committee for Small Government 6 Goodman Lane Wayland, MA 01778 small government is possible, Carla Howell & Michael Cloud P. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: LP RELEASE: LP candidate blasts Sen.Passed by Congress last year, BCRA makes many formerly legal donations to the Libertarian Party a federal crime.While some of the ways the law will apply to us are still fuzzy, it appears that BCRA essentially criminalizes our current membership structure, makes it illegal for our state parties to solicit memberships for the National Libertarian Party, makes it illegal for minors to be party members, and even makes it illegal for us to sell printed materials to our state parties in large quantities, unless they file with the Federal Election Commission.The debate was hosted by Emily Rooney and aired at pm. " The Boston Globe will find the results very scary! MASSIVE CAMPAIGN EFFORT FOR CARLA HOWELL'S BALLOT QUESTION 1 Dear Friends, We've only got 6 days left to win the hearts and minds of Massachusetts voters on Carla Howell's Ballot Question 1. "Though the rate of drug use is roughly equal among blacks and whites, blacks are six times more likely to be arrested, and nearly two-thirds of all drug offenders in state prisons are black," said Thomas.New England Cable News ran a profile of Carla Howell on the evening news. New England Cable News taped an interview with Carla Howell at campaign headquarters. Working class and middle class voters LOVE Ballot Question 1. You can help us pay for the Banners, Signs, Fliers, Bumper Stickers, and more. "Cleland is an ardent defender of this racist policy, which has destroyed the lives and ruined the careers of so many African- Americans.Yours for freedom, Ron Crickenberger Political Director PS We have filed suit against BCRA as being an unconstitutional restriction on our right of free speech. In the meantime, we will have to live under the BCRA restrictions.

Your donation today will help us counter this new difficulty the government is throwing at us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Libertarian Party 2600 Virginia Ave.

Can you help us with a special one time corporate contribution, before this important revenue stream dries up for us forever?

Or perhaps, even if you cannot make a corporate donation, you can make a special one time gift right now to help put us on a better footing for when the BCRA restrictions start next week. prog=lastcorporate&fund=2002-0202 and make your best donation to help us take a bite out of BCRA!

We're mobilizing hundreds of volunteers for these last 6 days. "Every time school choice has been proposed, Cleland has responded with a policy of massive resistance.

We've ordered and received Signs, Banners, Fliers, Bumper Stickers, and more. He has resisted school vouchers; he has resisted charter schools; he has resisted every federal bill that would have given black kids an equal educational opportunity.

The Boston Globe, the Big Boston TV Stations, and the politicians and special interests who haunt Beacon Hill... Here's what we have to fund: 1,000 'Vote Yes on 1' Signs. I pledge to end the drug war and reunite the families that have been torn apart." * Government-run schools, which are depriving black children of a sound education.