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Updating uplay far cry 3

updating uplay far cry 3-46

The number of titles isn’t anywhere near as large as Steam’s but it includes some hidden gems and classics you won’t be able get on any current generation console.Scrolling through the library I was able to quickly find a number of retro games I’ve been hankering to replay, like Jade Empire, pretty much all the Final Fantasies and Fear 2.

The X1 is the same system-on-chip as that seen in the .Nvidia claims the new Ge Force Now software will let you stream titles at a graphics quality equivalent to a desktop PC running either a GTX 1080 GPU.The UPlay upgrade means Shield owners will be able to stream games from their Ubisoft library, such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, The Division, Far Cry Primal, Watch Dogs, , For Honor, and The Crew, from the moment they’re released on PC.The addition of an IR transmitter is another nice touch, meaning you can now change the volume on your TV using the gamepad – no need to pick up your remote.But for me the improvements to the controller’s microphone are key.When Nvidia unveiled the Shield it made a big deal about the huge changes it’ll be making to its Ge Force Experience software, which is directly baked into the streaming box.

The two biggest upgrades included a performance boost to Nvidia’s Ge Force Now remote play subscription service and the ability to link your Ubisoft UPlay account to the shield.

It’s powered by the same NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor and an identical configuration of power, HDMI 2.0, twin USB 3.0 and Ethernet ports.

The appearance of the X1 system-on-chip will annoy spec-heads, who were expecting the device to run Nvidia’s fabled X2 follow-up, but for now the X1 chip is more than powerful enough.

However, the current unavailability of many of its most interesting features, such as improved game streaming and Zigbee smart home connectivity, make it feel a little like a v1.5 update.

On paper the new Shield is technically almost identical to its predecessor.

I’ll be updating this review the moment I get my hands on a Spot cold wrap or nand the dongle.