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Updating status on production orders

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System stores these object statuses at the JEST table. And every object has different number ranges for the Object ID, which is automatically given by the system.2.If the "Routing number of operations in the order" is 83 and the Operation counter number is 1 for an order operation, in table AFVC, I will have the object number OV000000008300000001.

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Upon marking the production order as "Check", the system will automatically mark the production order as TECO.I’m emphasising example because you have to analyse your own situation and develop your own production order process.You’ll normally only see this status when you create a production order manually – although you can setup master planning to create ‘Created’ production orders when you firm a planned order.This can be configured in standard configuration where as it will impact in PM/QM orders as these changes are at client level hence inclined towards the user status configurations and please follow to configure the same.On creation User Status updated UITD , as below UITD – Production order initiated Production order marked for Technically Completed for whichsystem status is TECO and automaticallyuser status changed UCLD – Production order Closed Status updated as UCLD- Production order closed.(because length of Reservation number data type is 10 chars, and length of Reservation item number data type is 4 chars, leading zeros are added by system accordingly.)Note: Bear in mind that the statuses you will find in table JEST also has another field "Indicator: Status Is Inactive", which states that the object had the status before, but it is inactive at the moment.

When you release the order, it will have both CRTD and FREI statuses, but the CRTD status will be marked Inactive.

Component items are scheduled for the delivery date of the production order (i.e. Sub-contract purchase orders (and Sub-production orders) have been created. You don’t normally see this status, because normally you’d just Schedule the order.

Lastly – and it’s not really a rule – but notice that you can’t cancel a production order.

Hi, I have a requirement to change or update the user status of production ordrer header and operation which are maintained in ststus profile. I have tried using STATUS_CHANGE_INTERN by giving OBJNR (AUFK - OBJNR).

I don’t usually use flow charts in my workshops – but I make an exception whenever we’re talking about processing production orders – because the production order has so many statuses and we need to define how a production order will be processed for each company (and sometimes for each separate production unit).

The status indicates that controlling can process the production order.