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Updating onstar listing

Because there’s embedded GPS, you don’t have to guesstimate where you are. Once a month, you get an e-mail reporting the condition of your car.

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It connects to a roof-mounted antenna that has more range than your mobile phone has.Access may be via a single button to press on the mirror or just above on the headliner, or there may be a separate Help/SOS button and another for general assistance.Automatic collision notification (also emergency crash notification).The best-known feature is automatic crash notification (ACN).When a vehicle sensor reports a significant accident, On Star sends that information to an On Star call center, which then makes a voice call reporting the accident and location to one of the nation’s PSAPs, or public-safety answering points, essentially a 911 service.You don’t need a two-way connection for telematics to happen.

Navigation is the leading example of one-way telematics.

Excluding that, the most used features are remote door unlock, roadside assistance, Good Samaritan, emergency (button press), and automatic crash notification.

For every automatic crash response, there are 1.5 button presses for an emergency or Good Samaritan emergency (each), five requests for roadside assistance, 15 remote door unlocks, 750 navigation requests or downloads, and 1,000 monthly diagnostics reports sent out.

Most every car with telematics has a core of common features.

These are the ones you’ll either use a lot or use to summon help.

Telematics doesn’t have to include two-way communication, but most of the good stuff involves going both ways.