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Updating nuvi 260

They are routable, so can be used to drive when on vacations. Don't post "thank you" posts, because they will only make harder finding content.

updating nuvi 260-43updating nuvi 260-55

Some older off-road handheld devices don't have routing option, but if they can read map format you still can use this maps with them.To use them you may need to deselect the preinstalled maps and I'm not sure how that's done on the c340.On a Nuvi it's just a matter of tapping a checkbox in a list of available maps.We live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada and these maps don't seem to know much about the BC Ferries system, that is pretty much the only way off this island.It does know about the US owned ferries from the island to Washington and Alaska State so for any destination I put in on the Canadian mainland, it routes me to Washington and then back to Canada or on a 15 hour ferry ride on an Alaska ferry to the far north of British Columbia so I can then drive back down 1500Km to any destination outside the Vancouver area. I am not impressed with the map, for such a large map I find the Garmin maps better. I clicked on "Where Am I" (I was home) and the map only showed the name of my street and no address like the Garmins Looked at the POI's and they are severely lacking, most that were displayed were quite a distnace from my house whereas the Garmins showed some less than a half mile away.If older unit is using same data format this maps should be working with it.

I'm not sure if and when Garmin did any changes to format of their maps.

They release an update once a month and June should be out soon.

I may try running these maps on my 765T this Summer going up to Canada as they already incorporate a major change on NY-17/I-86 that Garmin does not yet have.

Personally I think all links should open in a new window the normal way, by left clicking on the link.

Sometimes I don't realize I left the site to visit a link and close the window.

I downloaded it via u Torrent and I am in the process of testing it.