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Updating itouch to 2 2

updating itouch to 2 2-68

Also, they’ll ship with i OS 11 preinstalled so you won’t need to update your new i Phone 8 or 8 Plus if you get one on Friday or over the weekend.

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Ad Mob reported that just 1% of i Pod touch users accessing its network on Saturday had upgraded to the new software, while a resounding 78% were still running the latest point release of i Phone Software 2.0 introduced last year.· Ensure that your device is backed up to i Cloud or back up with i Tunes before updating.Find more information about backing up your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch.If "Download and Install" is grayed out or you see the message "This update requires at least x.x GB of available storage", use one of the following options to update: Use i Tunes to download and install the update instead or Remove content you no longer need from your device, including: · Movies or TV shows from the Videos app.On i Phone and i Pod touch, use the "swipe to delete" gesture.For example, the firm noted in a report a few days ago that it's seen "rapid adoption" of the 3.0 software by i Phones accessing its network.

Though there's some margin of error given that not all i Phone users are launching applications with ties to its network, 44 percent of those that are were already running i Phone Software 3.0 by Saturday.

On i Pad, either tap Edit or tap and hold on a video, and then tap "x" to delete. Tap and hold until they jiggle, and then tap the "x" to delete. To save your content, you can transfer photos and videos from your device to a computer.

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VPN or proxy connections may prevent your device from contacting the i OS update servers. Ensure that you're using the latest version of i Tunes. Connect your device to your computer using the included USB cable. After i Tunes opens, select your device when it appears in i Tunes under Devices. Click "Check for Update" in the Summary pane to check for available updates. If an update is available, i Tunes prompts you to download and install the update.

Do not disconnect your device until the update has finished.

That's likely the first time to company would be in a position to offer i Pod touches that could receive free software updates like the i Phone over their two-year life expectancy.