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Updating garmin map

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Insert one end of the USB cable into a port on your computer and plug the other end into your GPS device.

Please Click here for more information and possible updates to comply to the new law.Its premium model costs around £270, but it comes with Tom Tom’s Live Services, such as traffic and speed camera warnings.But once you start adding maps and services you might find your cheaper £100 sat nav is no longer the bargain you thought it was.Select your GPS device in the Web Updater interface that opens and the utility will search for upgrades to your Garmin device.Confirm that you want to upgrade your software and the utility will upgrade the Garmin GPS.The Web Updater application automatically searches for upgrades and additional maps for your device, downloads the necessary files and installs them directly to your unit for free.

Open an Internet browser and visit the Web Updater download page (See "Resources" below.) Click the "Download" button to download the application to your computer.

Rocks might not move, but areas are resurveyed all the time – and sandbanks and mudbanks certainly do move, not to mention new buoyage and wrecks which appear all around our coasts – and we need to take advantage of any updates.

Updating paper charts is a simple matter of consulting the updates given in a relevant Notice to Mariners and transferring these via a trusty purple pen to the chart: David Rainsbury wrote about how to update your paper charts in PBO September 2014.

For example, if you are planning a trip to South America, you could load country-specific maps onto your nuvi device to help navigate while you're traveling.

Since navigation devices don't have a lot of file storage space, you may want to delete maps once you don't need them anymore and free up space for additional files. Open "My Computer" if you are on a Windows computer.

And while some sat navs include a feature to share and download map corrections, it’s only useful if you know about and use it regularly. So, if you drive a lot, it’s a good idea to check your route before you go – but should you really have to when you’ve bought into the convenience of a sat nav? Or should manufacturers stop charging (or at least make them more affordable)?