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Updating garmin 200 gps

Indicates the type of antenna needed to receive traffic data.

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For example, a system with this feature would say, "Turn right on Truman Avenue" rather than, "Turn right in 500 feet." Spoken street names allows the driver to confirm directions with street signs without looking at the screen.A value of NA indicates that the unit does not have an internal battery.Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this product!Please focus on the product performance and quality.Your review will be posted on Consumer Reports for other subscribers to view.Some systems show this on screen, some tell the driver audibly, some combine the two, and others provide no indication at all.

Databases of past traffic patterns can inform route planning, predicting routine flow changes such as rush-hour congestion.

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Function varies, though better units track trip progress by recording data on distance traveled, average speed, and time spent that can be recalled later.

This information may appeal to business travelers for monitoring expenses.

When typing an address, the unit will gray out letters that are not possible combinations to complete a word.