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Updating fluorescent kitchen lighting

And, oh my, how new kitchen lighting makes a world of difference! Now, this might not look like anything spectacular you, but it is so, much better than what it looked like before.When we bought our house a little over two years ago, it needed work.

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A great way to have a lot of good ideas right at your fingertips & perfect when shopping at the store!In addition to all the other changes around here in the past month (you know, like new babies and starting Kindergarten), we’ve been in the midst of some home improvement projects!As a Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blogger, I was given the challenge to upgrade the kitchen.This is exactly why you should design it to provide maximum comfort and efficiency.If you are not happy with your current kitchen, you should consider re-designing it to suit your taste.One of the most forgotten, but crucial element to having the kitchen of your dreams, is good lighting.

Most people spend all their time focusing on the rest of the kitchen, such as the cabinets, counter tops, appliances, etc.

Combine that with quite possibly the hardest water on Earth (seriously, the calcium & minerals in the water here is insane), the faucet looked crusty & awful. Here’s the side by side comparison: Next up was the lighting.

So, we decided to redo the lighting (and add more), get a new sink & faucet, and add hardware to all the cabinets for at least a little bit of a cabinet makeover! There was one recessed light installed above the sink.

There was that could have been improved upon, but two things we’ve been dying to do is get a new sink & redo the lighting!

We did both and we are SOOOOoooo loving the results!!

We also toyed with the idea of getting new counters, but that would have eaten up our entire budget and there were other, more functional changes to be made.