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Updating existing networks in bottleneck companies

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Conventional thinking considers the storage device a bottleneck in system I/O performance, driving a need for storage devices with faster I/O speeds.Linux is a widely used embedded OS that also manages block devices such as e. At a high level Linux deals with I/O requests from the user space and explores the parameters that impact access performance.

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The Ayla Networks team was in dire need of a content management platform that was robust enough to support its growing website, but also simple enough to enable the marketing team to easily manage content without having to depend on IT for minor changes.Most businesses will already have some form of WLAN in existence usually employing an older Wi-Fi protocol but before you attempt to upgrade you need to consider how this will impact on the existing LAN.Upgrading a WLAN to 802.11n will need more network bandwidth and will also impact on the wireless controllers that are already in place.Employees didn’t have a staging environment to preview content before it went live, which made publishing a nightmare.The technical assistance needed from a skilled developer – even for the simplest of updates – became a costly bottleneck for the business.While this 'consumerisation' of technology - with employees increasingly demanding the ability to use their own wireless devices in a working environment - is helpful to employees, unfortunately it also brings in a slew of new problems, support issues and security issues and it's not going to go away.

Currently the vast majority of data connections in your business are via a traditional Ethernet, but Gartner expects that by the end of this year around 70% of networks will have wireless LAN ports.

Your roadmap should include these checkpoints: Often, your business will have a legacy LAN system that needs to be either augmented or completed upgraded.

The key to a successful upgrade is to plan carefully. Look at building expansion capability into you new LAN environment, and always ensure that security issues are front and centre of your business' planning.

It's a well understood and robust technology, and Ethernet networks have continued to develop over the years improving their efficiency and allowing businesses to manage the data they have effectively.

However the use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and other bring your own device (BYOD) technologies has meant businesses have had to shift to a more complex hybrid network that offers both fixed and wireless connectivity.

Consolidating marketing and development efforts to power the demands of business and finding a highly scalable, agile, out-of-the-box solution that would grow with its website were key to Ayla Networks’ success.