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Tv shows similar to dating in the dark

tv shows similar to dating in the dark-21

The Boyz n the Hood director now takes his skills to the small screen for Snowfall, an FX drama set during 1983 Los Angeles.

Gem Seddon Read more: The 20 best horror TV shows to watch with the lights on Where can I watch it?It hasn’t stolen the ‘Best Marvel Comic TV Show’ crown from Legion just yet, but The Gifted has already shown a lot of promise that could expand into something exceptional come this season’s end. ENDED EVERY SUPERHERO SHOW" – The best (shouty) reactions to the new X-Men show Where can I watch it? Don’t ask me why David Fincher is so good at making sharp, dark, true crime stories about serial killers.He just , a new Netflix show which Fincher executive produced, and focuses on two FBI agents in the 1970s as they attempt to understand the psychology behind America’s most dangerous sociopaths.It’s based on real events, but Mindhunter ticks all the right boxes for a captivating crime drama, with pointed dialogue, great performances, and smart storytelling.It’s Netflix, too, so the production value authentically captures the heavy atmosphere surrounding the subject matter, and that chilling soundtrack is enough to haunt your memories long after the first binge of its ten episode run.Anthology series are showing no signs of dying down and the Duplass brothers have taken it to the next level.

In Room 104, each episode follows a different character, genre, and plot. Everything takes place in the same room in a generic American chain hotel.

The rise of crack cocaine in California is witnessed through the eyes of Franklin, a young, impressionable LA kid with a nice side business of selling pot that quickly turns into a much more dangerous hustle - working for the mob.

Think Goodfellas meets Boyz and you're halfway there.

Don't forget, we're just talking about brand new shows here - if you want to know what's the best TV of the year (season 1 or otherwise), check out the most anticipated upcoming TV shows of 2017. Even the special effects are impressive, which allows the superhero action to work when it needs to.

It’s hard to keep count of how many Marvel-based shows are on television at any one time, but The Gifted is definitely one which you should be keeping an eye on.

That in itself is telling enough about this latest Netflix Original that's got more than a sniff of Breaking Bad to it.