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Reed Reviewer: Barb Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: M/M Contemporary ISBN: n/a Narrator: John Solo Summary: Nate Tippie and Brandon Wilde are gay, single, and both hoping to meet that special man, even though fate has not yet delivered him to their doorstep.

Bombshells, bawdy jokes and bans: The most risqué Super Bowl ads of all time feature all that and more. Diet Pepsi Several experts cited Diet Pepsi's 1992 Super Bowl ad featuring Cindy Crawford as a classic of the sex-sells approach.The ad is "unlikely to convince anyone to consider vegetarianism," said Scott Smith, account director at [email protected]"It was more of a playing-to-the-base ad." That's OK; it made for good press release material and racked up hundreds of thousands of hits on You Tube.Man Yet another ad that got a network rejection letter was Man’s 2010 spot.The gay dating site’s commercial featured two rival fans reaching for the chip bowl at the same time.Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said: "Over the next few hours, both Gordon Semple and the defendant used Grindr to invite other men to come to the flat for a sex party where drugs would be available."The jury heard that hours later Brizzi was allegedly in the middle of strangling PC Semple when a man turned up on his doorstep.

He was told by the defendant over an intercom that the party was cancelled because someone "fell ill", the court heard.

Police arrived at Brizzi's flat a week later on 7 April after complaints from a neighbour about the smell.

The defendant allegedly let officers in wearing only sunglasses and pants.

In that spirit, here's the "best" of the seamier side of Super Bowl commercials. The brewing company never got an audience for the ad during the game, but it wasn’t a total buzz kill.

Noxema In 1973, a young and relatively unknown Farrah Fawcett gave a titillating performance for Noxema, playfully rubbing shaving cream all over New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath's face. One version of the ad online has more than 18 million hits.

Getting banned can create a news hook and can lead to even more audience interest in the ad, especially online. "Super Bowl wannabes make ads that are deliberately sleazy or otherwise objectionable, and then concoct stories about them that usually aren't true," said Tim Nudd, editor of Ad