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The infrared wireless port when updating

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If you're unsure whether you're running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, open the Windows Control Panel, launch the System component, and look at the 'System type' field.Supported GPUs: The latest Ge Force drivers only support Ge Force 400 series or newer GPUs.

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Downloading the Ge Force Driver Package To obtain the latest Ge Force driver package for your GPU, go the Ge Driver Download page or the Driver Download page.The same advice applies to any graphics drivers that you see listed in Windows Update; the Ge Force driver package from Nvidia's website is always newer and in most cases better than those on Windows Update.WHQL Certified Drivers: Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified drivers undergo a special testing process before they can be released as WHQL Certified.The process involves Nvidia running a series of tests on third-party hardware or software, and then submitting the log files to Microsoft for review.Microsoft may then also run their own tests on a wide range of hardware and Windows editions.However, WHQL certification is not a guarantee that a driver is problem-free or optimal for your system.

Beta Drivers: Nvidia releases Beta (pre-final) drivers as a means of providing drivers which contain the latest bug fixes or features without first having to wait for the WHQL process to be completed.

This is an important step, because installing unnecessary components only results in wasted resource usage, longer Windows startup time, and the potential for software conflicts on your system.

To determine which components you actually need, see the descriptions below: Graphics Driver: This component must always be installed, and cannot and should not be unticked, as it contains the core graphics driver required for your Nvidia GPU to function efficiently, as well as the Nvidia Control Panel utility for accessing and adjusting the graphics driver's settings and features.

There are two circumstances where you might wish to use an older Ge Force driver: In any case, I strongly advise against constantly experimenting with newer and older Ge Force driver versions, as this will create a mess of driver residue on your system and only increase the potential for problems.

If you must revert from a newer version to an older version, then at least follow one of the clean installation methods on the previous page each time.

All official Ge Force driver packages, including Beta releases, are digitally signed by Nvidia.