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The candidating process for a pastor

Salary Negotiation: Compensation can be a topic that is touchy, taboo even, for those in ministry.

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This section contains some suggestions for the type of information you want to acquire while candidating.Be sure to request prayer from those close to you as well!Preparation: Make sure that you are prepared for the candidating process. Brandon Crowe and others at Westminster are also great resources that you should take advantage of.In fact, it is a Scriptural mandate to provide for your family (1 Timothy 5:8) and for the church to support you, as a minister, in that endeavor (1 Timothy -18; 1 Corinthians ). Accepting a call that does not offer a livable income runs the risk of creating tension, stress, and resentment for all parties involved. What dictates what does or does not happen your church? What does it mean to the officers when they take vows of doctrinal subscription? What kind of relationship do the ruling elders want with the pastor? Patience: The candidating process is likely to be long and time-consuming.

Having realistic expectations will help you to remain patient and Christ-oriented throughout the entire experience.

While the Master of Divinity degree is similar to a law or medical degree in terms of time investment and rigor, average salaries for pastors are far below those of lawyers and doctors. How many "official" church meetings are/will be held weekly? What do you think about Christian coffee houses, sports/recreation leagues, support groups, etc.? Would you be in favor of a numerical growth ceiling for your church?

Tailoring your fiscal expectations will help you better evaluate whether an offer is fair.

Talk with friends who have recently candidated to get a feel for what to expect, and also consider speaking with your pastor. Check your denomination’s website to learn more about the specifics of the candidating process.

Answer the sample interview questions provided below.

However, if you are not able to support your family on what is offered, consider communicating this information to the church in a godly and respectful way by framing your request in terms of . Many pastors work jobs outside of the church to support themselves while at the same time serving as ministers.