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Tandon, Alexander and Mintz are described in the indictment as “facilitators.” A law enforcement source said Alexander was a customer of the prostitution ring, then married Phimkhalee in what authorities believe was a sham wedding in order for her to obtain a green card to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.All three men rented apartments for the prostitutes, sources said.

The new indictment, which started with a Minnesota investigation, brings the number of people charged in the case to 38.The prostitutes usually kept about 60 percent of their pay, which typically was $200 an hour, with the rest going to the house boss, prosecutors said.They said the prostitutes were rotated among brothels across the United States.2Two Minnesotans charged in the first indictment have since pleaded guilty and have agreed to forfeit thousands of dollars in cash each at sentencing.John Zbaracki and John Ng admitted in federal court to joining the conspiracy after first being customers."With the cooperation and coordination of our law enforcement partners and the various resources they all bring to bear, we were able to significantly disrupt and dismantle this criminal organization from all angles."St.

Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said; "This operation sends a strong message to those who benefit financially from the exploitation of women. If you engage in human trafficking, we will combine the public's resources to find you, arrest you and ensure that you are not allowed to retain your ill-gotten financial gains."A trial has been scheduled for Oct.

The case grew from reports of Thai women being flown into the Minneapolis-St.

Paul airport and then being pimped out in apartments across the Twin Cities.

The victims, who were often from impoverished backgrounds and spoke little English, were promised access to a better life in the U. in exchange for an exorbitant "bondage debt" of between $40,000 and $60,000, said the indictment. S., the organization would typically arrange to have professional-quality, escort-style photographs taken of the victims, which would ultimately be sent to traffickers and used to advertise the victims for sex on websites like and

The organization also encouraged victims to have breast implants in Thailand to make the victims "more appealing" to potential sex buyers in the United States.

“This is a unique twist I haven’t really seen before,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said.