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Taeyeon and tiffany dating each other

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Then, there was Taeyeon, who laughed the hardest at a lot of her jokes, and it made her feel good. They heard their names being called by the barista behind the counter and the girl stood up.

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For months after the last heartbreak, she turned down every approach and confession. It was only the 9It was a girl, with soft black hair and bangs that framed her honest bright eyes and small smile perfectly.Her mind went completely blank and she realized it hadn’t come much as a surprise because she had always felt loved whenever Taeyeon was around.Tiffany turned her face away and noticed Taeyeon tensing at her actions before pulling the latter into a hug.Taeyeon took her seat again and took care of everything for Tiffany, taking out the straw out of the wrapping, putting it in the drink before placing it in front of her. Taeyeon always seemed to put her first, even in the smallest ways, and as Tiffany felt the familiar flutters in her heart, she knew it had begun again. It had only 3 months since they’ve made it official and it was a little fast for her to admit it despite the extra 4 months of getting to know each other.To top it off like the icing on a cake, she was absolutely terrified.The fact that she had taken time to consider at all, Tiffany knew it was time to move on. It had proven to be a good decision because 4 months forward, her heart healed nicely and they called it official.

3 months into the relationship, Tiffany was still wary, but the ways Taeyeon was proving herself to be different and how she was doing it unconsciously was amazing.

After editing and news and what not, here it is, finally. She had given them all of her heart each time, thinking maybe they were her person, but they had all proven her wrong. She wasn’t picky on gender, love was love but ‘love’ always broke her and truthfully, she had gotten a little scared of it.

) and refused to end it without writing something so I had this written on the last night of my leave LOL. Well, at least the previous ones didn’t let her know.

The sudden silence that followed was the heaviest she had experienced with Taeyeon and she didn’t really know what to do.

Taeyeon stared, and stared, and Tiffany only made a move to go closer when the latter looked away.

Taeyeon chuckled softly, tightening her arms comfortably around her and Tiffany felt all the fear gradually decrease.