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T boz dating dalvin

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But saying that you're not a player, when you have screaming girl fans, makes you a better player." A better player for whom?

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"What Jodeci sold during the 'Forever My Lady' period was romance.Harrell, contend that the player's life style does not necessarily devalue the lives of women."It's man's nature to do what he's going do with women," he says.But once an artist becomes a sex symbol, a whole new personality develops.Before, you might have had to say clever things and do sensitive things in order to gain a lady's attention."If we have you freakin' and we lose record sales, that doesn't make sense," De Vante says. "We want you to be around to buy the next album." Photo: Mr.

Dalvin, left, Jojo, De Vante and K-Ci of Jodeci--A successful combination of rhythm-and-blues, hip-hop and bold sexuality.

In the parlance of black culture, Jodeci are players: playboys and street-smart businessmen.

A player can also be called a mack or a pimp, even though he doesn't necessarily earn a living as such.

As much as we glorify it in music and movies and dress and attitude and everyday language, the whole relationship seems vacant." Detractors would doubtless say that the relationship is misogynous.

"It may not be misogynistic in the sense that he hates the women straight out," says Michael Eric Dyson, whose new book, "Between God and Gangster Rap: Bearing Witness to Black Culture," will be published this fall.

"But the rule should be, You got to take care of your women and children: they can't be out here running rampant with no direction, guidance or support.