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Stutter dating com

I would never treat a crush the same as I treat my friends. I normally shy away from guys, but if I really like you, I'll try to go out of my way to talk to you about something I can remotely talk to you about.

One day I asked him if he wanted to go to the amusement park with me because I got free tickets, he said "sure" and thought nothing of it.I feel bad, but sometimes I get so nervous that I actively avoid him on some days.Like, I'm hyper-aware of him and his presence, and even if I run into him more than I normally do on certain days then I plan my schedule out to avoid him so he doesn't think I following him or something.So he and I went to K-mart alone to get groceries and then we got fries afterwards. Then I told him I liked Thundercats a lot, which I don't, I'm not sure why I said this.Two weeks later after numerous stunning displays like these my friend told him I liked him and he said he had no idea. My wife started our relationship when she looked me dead in the eye and said "I can tell you aren't picking this up, so just to be clear, yes I am flirting and yea I do like you.It can be hard to tell with more "touchy feely" people. Or you could stop looking for signs and just ask : D I am not the greatest at being direct. A girl I used to work with always wanted to borrow my jacket, and said she loved wearing it because of it's smell.

I never picked up on the fact she liked me, even though I really liked her. At age 21, when I first met my current boyfriend I couldn't figure out how to flirt, So I asked a group of friends if anyone needed a ride to K-mart and then whisper-begged everyone besides him to bail.

" As a shy girl I just look at you from across the room real often, if you you back I'll be blushing like hell, and I'd stutter a lot if you talk to me.

I'm a f*cking failure when it comes to dating/flirting.

*If I take an interest in the music/films etc you link to me.

*If I let you get into my personal bubble - this is a hard one to determine.

I do have a guy I may have a crush on (honestly I don't have much experience on actual romantic love), but when I'm near him I'm just freaking out.