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JRF Heating is a specialist in oil, gas and solid fuel heating systems based in Sheepscombe, near Stroud in the heart of Gloucestershire.All domestic, residential, commercial, industrial plumbing and central heating enquiries welcome. Boiler efficiencies have moved up and as fuel costs are rising it may be now that you should replace it with a condensing boiler.

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The site’s spokesman, Christian Grant, explained what he thought the people of the UK have against the West Country accent.Shockingly, as many as 20 percent of people said that they wouldn’t date someone with an unappealing accent.On the other end of the table, women found the Scottish accent to be the sexiest, while men find an Irish woman's voice irresistible.Groundworks, landscaping and building services can apply to any building or maintenance project that is based externally; BLC Ltd guarantees that not only is your external landscape infrastruture safely and professionally engineered but that it is also aesthetically executed with minimal ongoing maintenance requirements.Groundworks and landscaping is our craft and our objective is to approach each client opportunity with our vision set on delivering a high quality, bespoke and on-time project.THE West Country accent is more likely to send a potential date running for the hills than any other.

It has officially been voted the “least sexy accent” for a second year running, with just 2 per cent of British men and 1 per cent of women finding the West Country lilt appealing.

Knowing that it ends in two weeks, following the kamikaze that annihilation week has been sold to us as, it now feels as if a series that had the potential be great in a transitional way, is now being rushed on a conveyor belt and fast-forwarded as quick as possible in order to prepare viewers for a better higher rated celeb series - most probably with less entertainment and intrigue, but one that delivers on ratings.

When he does speak, he does speak sense and his opinions I'm usually for.

I find Ryan and Hughie's relationship cute and I'm still very fond of the pair of them.

Despite this series being great so far and having plenty of action take place over the course of the month, it still feels like we're in the beginning stages, with only four evictions down the line.

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