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He was nominated for a life peerage in the 2015 Dissolution Honours.He has stated that he believes the House of Lords should be “mainly elected” and will continue to promote that idea “within the house itself.” Born on this day in 1946, one of the world’s most talented footballers, George Best.

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Medals were awarded in four colors: gold (first), silver (second), bronze (third), and pewter (fourth).He captained the Great Britain athletics team in 1965-66.He is currently the Chancellor of the University of St Andrews.The Corps of Discovery comprised a selected group of U. Army volunteers under the command of Captain Meriwether Lewis and his close friend, Second Lieutenant William Clark.President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the expedition shortly after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 to explore and to map the newly acquired territory, to find a practical route across the western half of the continent, and to establish an American presence in this territory before Britain and other European powers tried to claim it.Rated second only to Pele by the game’s leading experts, he was a temperamental player, causing difficulties both on and off the pitch. In 1970 The Cricket Council reversed a decision to allow South African cricketers to tour England this summer.

The move followed strong pressure from the Home Secretary, James Callaghan.

In the figures event, the novice competitors skated one figure, and the juniors and seniors skated three.

The 1997 Championships took place between February 8 and February 16, 1997, in Nashville, Tennessee.

The primary venue was the Nashville Arena and the secondary was the Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Tara Lipinski was the youngest Ladies champion ever.

After a 90-minute meeting at Lord’s Cricket Ground with other members of the council, its secretary SC Griffith said in a statement there had been a “formal request from Her Majesty’s Government to withdraw the invitation to the South African touring team”.