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Springfield speed dating

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It's been ten years since Android was first announced and in that time we've seen hundreds of thousands of games hit the Google Play Store, but obviously not all of them are high quality, and with so many available it can be tricky to make sure you're putting your cash in the right place.

is one of those games that doesn’t look like much in stills, but proves ridiculously compelling from the moment you fire it up.Nothing better than finding something you just can't wait to play again and again!Unlike the i Phone, the amount of dedicated gaming controllers for Android phones is a bit more bland, as there aren't as many for specific phone models... That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a good look at what's out there, and many controllers aren't overly expensive.In short, it’s all about designing roadways for autonomous vehicles.It comes across a bit like a mash-up of Mini Metro and Flight Control.In truth, the inability to remove even tiny errors can irk, not least when roads don’t connect as you’d expect. mixes solitaire and dungeon crawling, and does an awful lot with a four-by-two grid of cards.

In each round, an armor-clad ogre deals four cards, which may include monsters, weaponry, potions, and spells.

We head through the new and bubbling lists of titles each week, have a look at what's good and let you know.

We try to keep this list as fresh as possible, so if your favorite falls off the chart then it's not a bad game... So get ready to get clicking through our gallery...

As ever, the aim in Run-A-Whale is survival – and that in itself isn’t simple.

The game’s one failing is it sometimes makes it really tough to avoid hazards, which can include whale-stopping walls someone’s carelessly built beneath the waves.

we guarantee you'll have found something to play before you know it.