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The Bishop resigns and leaves, leading to the dissolution of the order he had formed; the Order of the Holy Family. Mary's Convent remains.1872 The Ponsonby Anglican householders meet with local Education Board.The schoolroom of All Saints Church is rented at 30 per year to house Dedwood School.

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The Catholic Bishop is forced by his mortgagee to sell his remaining land, including the Bishop's House. Bennett who demolishes the Church of the Immaculate Conception.His surname is thus the least likely source for the naming of the road (and eventually the new name for the suburb) The Hon.Colonel Stephen Ponsonby Peacocke (also known as Ponsonby Peacocke) was a member of the Legislative Council (1866).Responding to a Maori request for holy women to teach the children, the sisters of Mercy had arrived in Auckland from Ireland in 1850 already fluent in the Maori language.Their first school and orphanage was situated near St Patrick's Cathedral.1859 New Street is put through the middle of the St Mary Mount estate and Bishop Pompallier presents land on the eastern side of the street for the creation of St. Almost unaided the sisters erect a three storey convent building and open it in 1861.Ponsonby is an inner-city suburb of Auckland located 2 km west of the Auckland CBD, in the North Island of New Zealand.

The suburb is oriented along a ridge running north-south, which is followed by the main street of the suburb, Ponsonby Road.

However it does not run in the same direction as the existing Ponsonby Road and it was probably never laid out - if it had been it would run north-south and sit between the existing Howe and Hepburn Streets (basically where Western Park is located).

Many of the early street names of Auckland were derived from military men involved in the Napoleonic Wars; this includes Wellington and Nelson.

The only surviving building from this period is the Kauri St Mary's Chapel constructed in 1865 by Edward Mahoney for £1100.18 map of Auckland shows the road from Karangahape Rd to Franklin Rd labelled as Ponsonby Rd.

At this time Jervois Rd is also called Ponsonby Rd.

The Vandeleur connection: It is widely believed that what is now Ponsonby Road was originally called Vandeleur Road, but this is not backed up by evidence.