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Assen's residents each make an average of 8 bicycle journeys per week.

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The distances ridden each day are not long and the speeds ridden are not fast.Assen is the capital of the "Cycling Province" of the Netherlands, Drenthe.Though this city does not have a university to boost cycling numbers, more journeys are made by bicycle here than by any other single mode of transport: 41% of the total.They take place in two Northern Dutch cities, Assen and Groningen.These locations boast some of the best cycling infrastructure in the world.At Groningen's main railway station there is parking for more than 10000 bicycles. Some secondary school students cycle so far as 40 km each day to get to school and back.

This is possible only because cycling conditions are such that parents can be confident that their children will be safe.

In this short time we take you to the right places to see a wide range of different aspects of design. Public tours: We are not taking bookings for public study tours at this time.

We spend time in both Assen and Groningen and demonstrate many different aspects of good cycling infrastructure as well as showing what does not work and demonstrating why this is the case. If you wish to be informed about dates of future public tours, please contact us and ask to be kept informed.

Where cyclists are not on separate cycle paths, they ride on roads which emphasize cycling over driving.

Bicycle routes are unravelled from driving routes, removing the conflict which could otherwise occur. Because cycling is both attractive and convenient, everyone cycles more than they would in any other nation. To understand the infrastructure properly it is necessary to use it for a period of time in the same way as the local people use it and to have explanations on tap. The tours have a standard duration of three days so that participants can become immersed in the Dutch cycling culture and cycle as the Dutch cycle.

Time has to be allowed for discussion and asking of questions.