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Speed dating oakland

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That was a lot of fun.” The volunteer projects that come with doing the flights, Silowitz says, “make me feel I’m spending my time well.” The point is not lost on Pollar.

“The second, you are presumably comfortable with each other and more relaxed. “It’s fun, and I felt I got to know people much better over a relatively short period of time than, say, when you connect online then go meet someone at Starbucks.It was when a friend told Pollar that she had switched from hoping for “a date this year” to “a date this decade” that the seed was planted for Matches That Matter ( — Pollar’s “slow dating” alternative to the personal columns, connecting online, speed dating, Starbucks encounters and lunch or dinner meet-ups.“I saw it was virtually impossible for the men and women I knew to meet someone single, let along have a chance to get to know a person well enough to perhaps like them,” she says.Listening to her friends, while Pollar was in a long-term relationship and not actively looking to date, she thought of her own life and how she’d worked in management and training and given keynote speeches to big crowds.“I recognized how you can be out in the world and meet a lot of people,” she says.Long-time divorced, Silowitz says by the time he connected with Pollar’s service, he had tried a number of online dating sites.

(He met most people through Craigslist.) “But on the whole, it all seemed more work than fun,” he says, “so I had gotten off the whole dating bandwagon for a while.” “We typically send out six men and six women,” says Pollar.

And, Pollar found, there is a magic number of years beyond which meeting people becomes more of a challenge. She learned that many men and women older than 40 were resistant to Internet dating, citing professional sensitivity, privacy issues or just plain discomfort with the concept. “And few over 40 were keen to go and hang out in bars,” she says. She interviewed all the people she could find who had been married or living together for 20 years or longer.

She asked them just one question: “What did you think of your significant other when you first saw him or her?

Chances are, if you’ve found someone to love, and if the love is reciprocated, you’re busy getting on with the rest of your life.

But if you’re single, most likely you’re hoping to meet that special someone.

“Our lifeblood is volunteers, and they were looking to have the same group of people come in to do three consecutive weekends of work. That they come in with a larger group means we can tackle larger projects.