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Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours Have you ever felt like you were, literally, trapped in an office or meeting room?Now your team can discover what it feels like to be trapped in an office/ conference room for real!

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Available for new meetings of 30-120 participants to be held October -December, 2016.Everyone is encouraged to discuss their current work environment and collaborate on solutions for issues being encountered.We will work with you to determine the best activities to meet your objectives.Project teams are challenged to work together to complete a large bridge made only with cardboard and duct tape!A successfully completed bridge must be strong enough for a 600-pound golf cart to be driven up and over it. Duration: 2 hours Teams are challenged to build and decorate a boat using only the materials provided.Teams need to draw on creative “out of the box” thinking and project management skills to develop a boat capable of traveling across the span of the Doral Arrowwood pool or, as an on land challenge, on top of foam noodles. The task is further complicated by a limited budget, multiple scenarios and a tight time frame (sound familiar?! The activity has multiple levels adding to the challenge and fun.

Duration: 2 hours Teams are challenged with completely deconstructing small appliances and other common household objects, then re-arranging the parts to form a photograph, sculpture or collage. The pressure to perform is high, but so are the laughs as each team attempts to win new customers while maximizing profits and launching objects far into the distance.

In this fun, fast paced event teams participate in party style games with a pop culture twist.

Testing their knowledge of music, movies, television, fashion, sports, art and celebrity culture and gossip.

Based on the popular “virtual room escape” genre of video games, True North’s Office Escape version will make the game real, by challenging you and your team to figure out how to escape from an actual office/conference room.

Put your heads together and use all of the clues available to help you search the office for the key that will finally allow your team to escape to freedom.

Call the True North team at 203.730.0606 or visit their website for more information: Duration: 2.0 – 2.5 hours This team-based race showcases the beautiful Doral Arrowwood property and can be held both indoors and outdoors.