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Smell dating

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Mostly, I was just hoping that none of the shirts would make me gag.

A man I was dating last summer used to apologise for his body odour, but I couldn't get enough of it.As a single 24-year-old living in Manhattan, I'm no stranger to the dating scene.I've tried everything from apps like Bumble and Tinder, to maintaining eye contact for too long with cute people on the subway.After wearing a T-shirt — but no deodorant — for three days and nights, participants swap their smelly sample for swatches of other participants' shirts.If, after inhaling deeply and providing their preferences, two participants like each other's scent, Smell Dating will facilitate an exchange of contact details.And although I loved his scent, I wasn't convinced I could or would love him (nor him me, to be fair), and — shock, horror!

— it turns out love matters when choosing a mate."Of course it matters!

We've been on two dates so far and I'm confident we'll see each other again."Which is more than I can say for my summer lover.

If my desire to get up close and personal with his unwashed underarms signified our compatibility and the potential of genetically superior offspring, we'll never know — the relationship ended well before babies ever entered the equation.

Embracing him after a long day, he smelled right like others haven't — all man, all mine.

He thought he was being rude perspiring all over the place, but I didn't mind.

Much like Smell Dating, participants at pheromone parties wear a T-shirt for three consecutive nights before sealing it in a bag and taking it along to an organised social event.