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ED isn’t the only verifiable effect of sexual pollution.The super-normal, intense nature of porn causes actual addiction, just like cocaine or any opioid, causing what researchers Jennifer Riemersma and Michael Sytsma, call “a toxic cocktail of contemporary addiction.” As scientists now understand, addiction of any kind, including sexual addiction, “hijacks” the brain’s natural reward system, primarily by overworking the “pleasure” neurotransmitter dopamine.

In addition to the social harm of addiction to porn, we have a second kind of destruction that strikes at the naturalness of sexuality itself.Pause here to consider this epidemic in an illuminating way.What if the world-wide population of pigeons, white-tailed deer, or dolphins were suddenly exhibiting just this kind of sexual dysfunction, thereby severely harming its reproductive capacities?Again, step back and imagine an illuminating scenario, one based on actual scientific experiments.What if we found that the mating of adult male rhesus macaques in the wild was being significantly disrupted by prankster teenagers having hung pictures of female macaques’ hindquarters from the trees, which the titillated males soon preferred to the real thing?In another, a third of young men were suffering from sexual dysfunction.

A study (in Italy) uncovered a doubling of ED in teenagers in just eight years (2005-2013).

The first kind of destruction is social, or rather, it strikes at the very heart of the social order: marriage.

The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the top 1600 lawyers dealing with divorce, report that 56% of divorces they deal with are the result of a spouse’s obsession with porn.

But when it comes to human nature, somehow this scientific understanding of “natural” is dismissed without explanation.

We can map the downslide into the evermore unnatural in porn itself. Natalie Purcell has shown in depressing, nauseating detail, porn movies over the last forty years have become increasingly violent and misogynist, with women being choked, suffocated, dragged by the hair, gang raped, slapped, punched, gagged through oral sex to the point of vomiting, and humiliated in other ways that I have not the courage or the stomach to report (much of it dealing with hideously disgusting variations of anal intercourse).

If intemperance and greed destroy the natural environment, do they also destroy the sexual environment?