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In the 1989 film Glory, boxes of gunpowder can be seen with the words Enfield, CT printed on the sides.

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Formerly and most notably, Enfield had booming carpet and gunpowder industries.The capacity of the mill at the time of the Civil War was 1,200 pounds (540 kg) per day.Over 60 people died in explosions in Powder Hollow during the years when gunpowder was manufactured there.Enfield was incorporated in Massachusetts in 1683 as the Freshwater Plantation.The namesake is the Freshwater Brook that triverses the town.Deni, Dist 4 Council At-Large Thomas Arnone Gina L.

Cekala Elizabeth Davis Peter Falk Michael Ludwick Joe Mueller Lori Unghire It is bordered by Longmeadow, Massachusetts and East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, to the north, Somers to the east, East Windsor and Ellington to the south, and the Connecticut River (towns of Suffield and Windsor Locks) to the west.

The mill blew up several times, but was set up so that if one building blew up, the rest would not follow in a chain reaction.

The ruins of these buildings and the dams are open to the public.

It was part of the Great Awakening revival that struck New England in the mid-18th century and spread throughout Western North American civilization.

The modern town of Enfield was formed through the merging of Enfield, Thompsonville, and Hazardville, named for Colonel Augustus George Hazard (1802–1868), whose company manufactured gunpowder in the Powder Hollow area of the town from the 1830s to the 1910s.

The Utopian religious sect practiced celibate, communal living, and is today renowned for its simple architecture and furniture.