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Brothers are hooking up with step-sisters by the pool and who knew baby girl’s step-brother could have such a huge dick?She didn’t know, but now she’ll never leave it alone.

“At least that HBO show made the behaviors of a generation of women seem glamorous,” Jennifer Wright scoffs. “I revere that show just as much as any girl of my generation.” Despite her protests, it seemed like every single person writing about the show had to conflate the two anyway, even if only to note that there were absolutely no similarities at all.Here is a handy list of all the ways the two were compared before had even graced screens in 2012, eight years after Carrie Bradshaw and her gaggle had signed off.But the major difference between the two is one of tone and craft. Sure, it can sometimes be bittersweet, but most episodes end with the story lines tied in neat little bows and a sense of uplift.Week to week, season to season, we knew exactly what we’d get when tuning in.The cougars from Moms Lick Teens know all about this and it’s why they’re doing a community service by seducing teen girls for lesbian sex.

It’s not like those mature girls are not getting something in return, these younger teens are so fucking hot!

Even those similarities are flimsy considering that Hannah and her cohort are of an entirely different generation than Carrie & Co.

And the dingy, barely employed Brooklyn world of did just that.

Carrie lived in a fantasyland, and Marnie lives in (something closer to) reality.

There are many ways you could describe Marnie (beautiful, narcissistic, controlling, self-centered, delusional, egotistical) but she has never been a “girl about town.” Sure, maybe in season one when she was trying to be a gallerina and sleeping with skeezy artist Booth Jonathan, but there is nothing about her quasi-folk starving artist lifestyle or her doomed marriage to Desi that could be considered “girl about town.” The one gown we ever see her wear, she bought second-hand in a thrift store and it made people think she was a Russian hooker.

And the cycle continues: A similar narrative played out last fall when Issa Rae’s HBO series, , and Rae herself to Dunham.